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Tales From theTopside of the Dirt

Just thinking about some of the things I have learned since starting this. Have you ever done an investigation before? You hear the stories and personal experiences of others. You start to build up excitement and expectations. Then you go and nothing happens. This has been my experience many times. So many places I have gone I rush through in hopes of having that once in a lifetime moment. Sometimes I think we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t take our time. The most important thing I have learned is patience. Take your time going through. Waverly Hills is a great example. I had such high expectations of that place. So when nothing was happening I started rushing through. To make sure I hit every spot. I became so infuriated that when I finally saw something I couldn’t even enjoy it. We saw a full bodied apparition on the 2nd floor. It happened so fast. The man walked through a wall and disappeared. But I was so upset that I couldn’t even get excited. The Paranormal is a funny thing. Very unpredictable. But that’s what makes it exciting. 2nd thing I have learned is to never have great expectations. Many investigators never see what I did. But if I have no expectations then I won’t ever be disappointed. We learn through experience. And each investigation is a new learning opportunity. Fortunately I will be going back to Waverly with a lot more patience and experience.

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