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Tales from the Top Side of the Dirt

It has been a long time since I have written in the blog. I think it’s been a tough year for everyone. I was thinking the other day. As a paranormal investigator I get asked a lot of questions. People always want to

know how a spirit can see and hear without eyes and ears. Simplest answer I can give is consciousness. Can‘t you hear someone’s voice in your mind? Can’t you see them when you close your eyes? Maybe it’s our own eyes and ears that prevent us from seeing and hearing outside of our world. Maybe they are shielding us from what is just beyond our reach. And maybe there are people that can see and hear beyond this boundary. I don’t have those abilities but I believe they exist. And I know people who have them. There is so much more to this. Once we are no longer trapped here by our bodies we will know more truth. But I really believe is is way better than any of us can comprehend.

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Tales From the Topside of the Dirt

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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt

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