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This is our story...

I originally became interested in the paranormal after watching some investigations on television. 

When I found that Nick Groff (Paranormal Lockdown) was hosting a public investigation at the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, Missouri - I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  During that investigation, a few unexplainable events occurred that left me wanting to know more.  I  purchased some basic equipment and began investigating with a friend.  Soon, I began acquiring more sophisticated tools , recruited my wife to accompany us and in 2015, D&M Paranormal was born.


Since our inception, our investigation equipment inventory has grown substantially and we have investigated many varied locations including commercial buildings, abandoned hospitals, institutions and private residential homes within five different states.  We have also recruited additional investigators, each having a wide range of experience and abilities.  If you are concerned that your home, business or facility is haunted, we can help at no cost to you.

Dane Eckelman - Co-Founder/Lead Investigatort

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