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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt Volume 8

So this past Friday night my wife and I did a live Facebook video from our team page. During that time some spirits started to communicate with my wife. We had an EMF detector start reading some very high spikes. Some of them were over 100 mG. We also were getting some intermittent REMPod hits. This was just confirming to us that spirits were trying to communicate. Through questions I was asking and messages she was receiving we figured out that one of them was trying to reach out to someone who had been watching the video earlier. The names and descriptions she gave me were undeniable. I actually knew this person who had passed and the person they were trying to reach. My wife however did not know either of them. So my question is how do they know? How did he know we were doing that and his relative was watching? How did he know my wife could speak to him and hear him? This is all so fascinating to me. The more we do this the weirder it gets. And I have more questions. I did reach out to the party he was trying to give a message to and let them know. It’s all so strange.

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