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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt Volume 12

Since I started Paranormal Investigating 5 years ago, I have met some amazing people. I have also gained more of an understanding of my Christian beliefs. My belief is that there is so much more after we leave that not of us could ever understand. Witnessing so much it’s impossible for me to believe otherwise. We were all created for some purpose but some of us have strayed from the path we were meant to be on. I also believe that if we don’t get it right we will be given an opportunity to correct it. There are so many things going on just beyond our sight. Too many coincidences that I feel aren’t that at all. I only understand a very small percentage of what is really happening. But once I opened that door and looked inside I knew I could never close it. I have to keep searching and learning. We not only help the Earthbound people but also those who have moved into a different realm and may be stuck. It’s all so fascinating to me. For every answer I think I find I have many more questions.

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