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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt Volume 11

Here we are at Volume 11. Angels number some say. With my wife being a medium my perceptions of this world and the next are constantly changing. It’s interesting to see what she does and how things evolve for her and for us as a team. I really believe there are things happening just out of our reach that help to guide and protect us. Have you ever been in a situation that almost turned out really bad but somehow you made it out ok? And you didn’t know why? Have you ever met someone that you really needed or been introduced to someone who really needed you? I believe in Divine Intervention but I also believe there are 2 forces at work. Who and what those are have been defined many ways since the beginning of time. We had a moment a few weeks ago where we helped a lost spirit who I knew growing up. The whole story of how we came in contact was really strange as well. But I td my wife that maybe we came together as a team 5 years ago for this moment. What if the whole thing that started as a 2 minute spirit encounter at a public investigation was meant to bring us here. To this point. To help this spirit. It’s really crazy to think that what honestly started as a curious hobby has turned into a whole team of people trying to help people who are struggling. Both living and passed. All spirits have a voice. It’s up to us to listen and help when we can.

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