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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt Volume 10

So someone asked me to blog a review on equipment, so here goes my best. I do like the K2 meters. Especially the ones that make a clicking sound when they are energized. They measure EMF (Electro Magnetic Field). There is a downfall however. They pick up EMF from normal everyday electrical appliances and also from wireless internet signals. So you have to be careful. They also only measure up to 20 mG. The reading can be much higher. Before we use it we walk around the area we are investigating and use it to get a baseline reading and find the natural hotspots. One of the things we like to do when using one is to have other equipment around it to try and get 2 forms or more of validation. We also use it to ask yes or no questions. Although it is rare, every once in a while an intelligent spirit figures out how to use it and will carry on a conversation. But just like anything else, do your due diligence and try and debunk what is causing the K2 Meter to be activated

Here is one of the best sessions we have ever had with a K2 Meter.

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