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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt V9

So I was asked a question. Can spirits follow you home? My simple answer is yes. But why would they? Maybe they were attracted to you for some reason. Maybe you remind them

of someone. Maybe you did something that made you angry. There are many reasons why this could happen. It probably happens more that we know. I happen to live with a psychic medium so I know when it does. But what if she wasn’t here? What if I lived alone? Unless a spirit physically does something I would not know they were here. My wife has always said we have spirits that come and go in our house. But I’ve never felt or seen anything. That is until I bought a Paranormal Music Box and set it out one night. It started reacting after a long period of time. It was cool. So the next time I set it out it started almost immediately. And agin the next time. I spent a ton of time trying to debunk it but I couldn’t. But then I had a spirit follow me home from an investigation. And he wasn’t so

nice. My wife described the same person that the building owner described as a mean Dr. it was crazy. But he wasn’t bothering me. He was bothering my wife, daughter and one of our dogs. Why not me? Why not the other 3 dogs? We will never know. But she did a cleansing of the home and removed him and some others too. Including my PMB friends. So now I have to teach the others how to use it. It’s never boring around here.

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