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Tales From the Top Side of the Dirt.

So, I have decided to start writing in this blog. Just to put my thoughts out there. My wife is a psychic medium and intuitive. She has been working very hard on her skills One of the things she is really into is grounding and protection against things that are not for the greater good. When we first started doing this we were both really green. We really had no idea what we were doing and did not know she had these abilities. We had tons of activity everywhere we went but it was only when she was around. After some terrifying encounters we started reaching out to people in the paranormal community. It was then we discovered what Her abilities were and why we would have these crazy episodes on our investigations. But once she started a regiment of protection and meditations the activity seemed to die down. Sometimes nothing would happen at all even at some of the most haunted locations. Our team started noticing this too. We have tried several different things to see if it is something we were doing. things like using less equipment or sitting quietly for hours in 1 spot. Nothing really seemed to help. We went to a psychic and crystal fair last weekend and my wife got a reading from a recommended person that we had never met. He knew all about her abilities and even said that she is putting all of our investigations on lockdown. Even when she isn’t there. This is very fascinating to me since I don’t have any abilities like her. But it does make sense. She is so in tune with the spiritual world. So now we need to figure out how she can protect but still have interactions with spirit. Just my thoughts. The more I do this the more questions I have.


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