• Dane Eckelman

Tales from the Top Side of the Dirt

So, last weekend we had an amazing experience with an intelligent spirit and my Paranormal Music Box. There is nothing more fascinating and exciting to me than know a spirit that I cannot see is interacting with a physical piece of equipment just a few feet away from me. It makes me think of so many questions What do they see? Does the place look like it is to them or do they see it like it was when they died? How do they see us? Do they see other spirits from different eras and can they interact with them. The longer I do this the more I realize that there are spirits everywhere. They get to choose to interact with us if they want to. Some people can see and hear them. People like me can sometimes feel them but they have to interact with my equipment for me to interact with them. This Paranormal Music Box has quickly become my favorite piece. I think the fact it’s easy for them to use and it plays music attracts them to it I have spent a lot of time debunking with different situations to really learn what triggers it. We have had some amazing interactions with it in the short time I’ve had it.


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